How To Launch or Scale Your Business Tonight!
Without Venture Capital, an Audience, or Even a Business Plan
Dear Hustler,

If you’re interested in launching or scaling a business … and … doing it right now rather than "some day", this letter will show you how.

My name is Greg Berry and I just launched my 8th six-figure business.

This one scaled a bit quicker than expected and went from zero to 21,905 customers in under twelve months.  Not bad for starting with just $10/day in Facebook ads.

That's not how it always goes but I have a simple & predictable method that anyone can follow to get started in business and on their way to freedom as soon as tonight.

Let me explain...
What's The Difference Between a Successful Entrepreneur and One That Never Gets Started?
Both have the same 24 hours in a day.

Both have basically unlimited access to all of the information ever recorded in the history of the world.

Both have limitless opportunity.

Both have access to the internet and the ability to tap into multi-billion dollars in daily transactions.

So, what’s the difference?

I have the answer and I’m going to share it with you.

There Is Only One Universal “Secret” To Success In Business
This is what separates the successful people from everyone else.

Ready for it?

Ok, here we go...

The ONLY way to ever be successful in business is to actually BE in business.

Let that soak in for a second.

It sounds very simple (maybe even a bit too simple) but it’s actually the only real “secret” out there.

Listen, every master was once a fool.

When a child is learning to walk, you don't plop them in front of a computer to watch Youtube videos of the best athletes in the world talking about how easy it is.

… they just start trying to walk.

… today.

… and fall.

… often.

They always have a parent or guardian coaching them through it. Showing them what to do. Encouraging them to keep going.  

Everyone around them is walking.

Nobody is telling them how hard it is.

Or that it will “never work out”.

Or that “walking is not for us, it’s only for them”.

Or saying “good luck with that”.

Or “wishing them the best”.

Nobody gets jealous or worries that they're one day going to walk better than them!

Get my point?

Business is no different.

It’s actually pretty simple.

There’s just two factors involved in the “launch” phase...

1. You just need to actually start doing something rather than thinking about it.

2, You need to surround yourself with others that uplift you, support you, and encourage you. 

(not people that discourage you, laugh at your dreams, don't believe in you, and actually don't want to see you succeed)

... imagine a baby trying to walk and everyone around them was discouraging.  We'd all be crawling around to this day!

Once you get started, the only thing you have to do next is to simply TRANSACT.

Then once you learn how to transact you can start ascending or “scaling” up as we say.
I Have a Foolproof System To Get Started
Before I tell you this, I have a few confessions.

I’ve been in business since 2006 and have had some successes. 

I’ve had $2,000 days … $5,000 days … $15,000 days … even a $275,000 day.

My businesses have been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Sports Illustrated, CNET, Product Hunt, and many more.

I've serviced over 32,000 customers from almost every country on Earth.

I can’t code. I am terrible with finances. I hate selling. I wear shorts and a t-shirt every day.  

I hate meetings.  I don't talk on the phone.  I've never had an employee.

… and I have failed far more than any sane person can even fathom.


I know I’m not Gary Vee.

I can’t sell like Grant Cardone.

I don’t have the social audience Tai Lopez has.

… and I sure as hell don’t have the mindset of Tony Robbins.

But what I can do better than ALL OF THEM, is teach you how to get started in business.

I’m a world-class tiny business launcher.

… and when I say “tiny business” I mean any lifestyle business that you can run from anywhere in the world that generates between $10k - $75k per month.

That’s it.

I have no desire to ever run a big company.

I spend a majority of my day playing with my kids, going for long walks with my wife, meditating, and figuring out new businesses to launch.

Hustle Island is my 8th six-figure business and I have 9 and 10 built out and ready to launch.

… and my goal here is to teach others how to get started, learn the foundational principles, and THEN send them back to those big name “gurus” to learn how to get to the $1M, $10M, or even $100M mark.

… but listening to those big time entrepreneurs before you’ve cracked the consistent $10k/mo mark is entrepreneurial suicide.

… it’d be like being lost in Costa Rica and calling someone for directions that hasn’t been there in 30 years.

… they’d have no clue what you’re going through, where you are, or even how to relate to the situation.

… I’ve done exactly what you’re about to do several times. I just did it last year and am actually doing it again right now.

… I have the “cheat code” that nobody else has.

How To Go From Multi-Tasking Hustler To Laser Focused Entrepreneur
I started my career by selling a piece of Italian ham.


I didn't have a savings account built up.

I didn't have a network of people that I went to college with.

I didn't have a chance in hell, to be honest.

My last job was digging ditches when I was 21.

I started my career...

… by selling a piece of freaking Italian ham.

I didn’t have any capital, connections, resources, or mentors.

Shit, I didn’t even have a camera or a computer.

I grew up in a city Money Magazine deemed “The worst place to live in America”.

I spent my days working as a construction laborer and my nights trying to forget about how I spend my days.

Then, I changed my destiny using a simple system I now call “The Hustle Method” and turned that one piece of Italian ham into millions of dollars in revenue.

… and I documented the system and share it with my “inner circle” so they can use it to get started themselves!

What we share in The Hustle Method:

Module #1: Mindset:

- How to turn your mind from your biggest enemy to a hyperactive cheerleader that pushes you towards success rather than cripples you with fear (without this, nothing else works)

- What it means when they start saying that “you’ve changed” and how to use this as your new success barometer

- The most important mantra in business (it has something to do with a lion and a sheep and you should repeat it every morning for maximum results)

- How to become one of the players “on the playing field” and leave the peanut gallery forever.

- How legendary entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk moves so big, so fast, and so effectively using this one simple sports reference (he briefly mentioned it in an interview and it holds the key to his success)

- How to trick your ego into propelling you forward rather than keeping you back (I call it turning a head wind into a tail wind through “unexpected action”)

- Learn how the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor (it has a little something to do with sharing vs. hoarding and who is doing what)

- What to do when that little voice in your head is encouraging you to “copyright your idea” and why this kills more dreams than the boogeyman

Module #2: How To Kill Excuses & Raise Capital Today

- What to do if you currently generate less than $10k/mo and the real root of your problem (It’s not what you think)

- How to trick yourself into starting a business tonight and using that momentum to start compounding your success

- The one simple way to get the entire universe to conspire to help you make your dreams come true (thanks to The Alchemist for this one)

- What successful people hear when you tell them that you “have no money” or “don’t have time” and how anyone can overcome either of these situations regardless of where they are currently

- The single most important word in entrepreneurship (no it’s not “hustle” and almost nobody else in the world is talking about it)

- What is a “good” profit margin and how much you should expect to be making

- How to plug into a machine that is pumping out billions of dollars per day in transactions without having to do any work or build even an ounce of credibility

- Where to find tens of millions of people with their wallets already out looking to buy right now

- How to learn everything you’ll ever need to know to succeed in business by accident

- Using this one single brain-dead simple method you’ll NEVER GO ANOTHER MINUTE of your life saying “you can’t make money right now”

Module #3: The Fundamentals Of Business

- The 7 foundational skills that every single successful entrepreneur on Earth understands and practices daily even if they’re unaware of it

- How these principles teach you the 3 core qualities that you’ll need to embody on your journey to complete FREEDOM as a entrepreneur

- This rest of this information is too valuable to talk about here (just wait until you hear this audio, it’s “like a PHD in entrepreneurship!”)

Wait, What Is The "Inner Circle" All About?
I guess I put the wagon in front of the horse here (happens often with us entrepreneurs, as I’m sure you can relate)

… I should take this time to explain a bit about how to access all of this information.

Recently I launched a company called Hustle Island. 

It’s a community of around 150,000 entrepreneurs and hustlers worldwide and we all have a passion for entrepreneurship.

From there, we have a ton of people that get free content, a few hundred that are in my “inner circle” called The Hustlers’ Club, and a handful of private clients that pay the big bucks.

My not so secret intention is to give you this information, get you started on your journey, show you how to churn a profit from your business, then move you to become a private client and do big business together.

… that’s why, as you’ll soon see, I’m so generous with the actual information, tips, tricks, and strategies that I share with you.

… I really want you to succeed.

There's Nothing Else Like It On Earth
Just to be clear, you won’t find information (or access) like this anywhere online.

I’ve been in $30,000/yr groups, just like this.

I’ve paid $10,000 to go to workshops.

I’ve been to conferences.

I’ve joined masterminds.

… and I can conclusively say that if you’re looking to launch or scale your business quickly, this is the place for you.

… well, others can help you but it will cost big bucks and if you’re not “ready” for the specific information you’ll just be lost.

… it would be like an eleven year old sitting in on a physics class … you’d just be lost and would be forced to think that something is wrong with you.

… somewhat like the old “judging a fish in a tree climbing competition” saying goes!

What You'll Learn In Your First 24 Hours
- How to use Facebook’s custom audience feature to use video to plant your idea inside the mind of your ideal prospect and then “funnel them within the platform” right into your customer list

- How to use the #1 persuasion effect on Earth (social proof) even if you’ve never made a sale before (we call it the “Parking Lot Technique”)

- How to magnetically attract your first client and turn them into the “trophy” that attracts and endless stream of others

- How to reverse engineer a market and create a “brand” that people will actually care about (and one that actually makes sales)

- Why and how we created a mini-empire by giving away tons of free products (I’m not talking “tons”, I’m talking about actual metric tons of physical products)

- What is “continuity” how this simple concept allows you to outspend all of your competition, get more customers, and ultimately make more moolah

- The fully automated Facebook ad system based on a little-known targeting option deep within the platform (and how you can sell this same thing to local businesses by the dozen)

- How I created a $30k/mo business exclusively by sending cold emails (where I got the list, what I said, and why it worked)

- Why is Linkedin the #1 opportunity for anyone selling anything right now (and why it will soon be over)

- Learn about the “Pinhole Funnel” we used to go from zero to 21,905 customers in our first year of business and how we did it by “not having a website”

- How we created a free Facebook messenger bot in under 10 minutes that led to thousands of sales in under a month (and why I think this worked a bit too good)

- How to create an entirely new market sector and “crown yourself” and the #1 company overnight (hint: Words Matter)

- How to write killer headlines without knowing the first thing about copywriting or sales persuasion (this is the most important lesson you’ll ever learn)

- Why this “lazy research and development” technique can discover the pain points and gold in any niche on Earth and how to use it for yourself and clients

- Where to go when you need to see what ad campaigns your competition is running (and how to tell if they’re making any money)

- How I discovered a simple technique from an out of print public domain book that has led to more profit than anything I’ve ever done (and how to apply it to your business, tonight)

- The one thing you can learn from Henry Ford that will turn any website or landing page into a straight up conversion machine (be careful as it’s been known to 30X results)

- The simple email that will reactivate your list no matter the size and start plowing cash into your pocket in seconds (this is the most effective email I ever wrote and I didn’t even write it - thanks to marketing legend Dean Jackson)

…. and this is only scratching the surface.

In This Game You Need More Than Just Information
Listen, information is great.

… it’s what took me from a place Forbes magazine called “a 29-square-mile junk pile” and allowed me (and my wife and later on my children) to travel to St. Tropez, Italy, Honduras, Monaco, Belize, Costa Rica, and many more.

… it’s allowed me and my family to move around and explore many different cities for up to 8 months at a time.

… it allows me to be there every morning to wake my kids up and every night to put them to bed.

I’m not saying this to brag.

Believe me, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Entrepreneurship is extremely hard and an emotional roller coaster.

But, it allows you to get what you put in.

Not like at a job where you can give 100% for the rest of your life and won’t squeeze an extra dollar from it.

... where your bosses grandkids get to live a better life while your bank account never moves an inch.

The truth of the matter is that information alone is not going to get you to the finish line.

It helps.

It’s the sole decider in determining those that get rich and live free and those that never make it out.

But, what’s better than information, is ACCESS.

Sometimes you have questions.

Sometimes you need help.

I’ll never forget...

Back when I was getting started I could not crack $5,000 per month in GROSS SALES.

Then I moved to Boston and started hanging around successful people for the first time ever.

… I moved in September and my sales looked like this.

August: $5,000
September: $8,000
October: $20,000
November: $50,000

… that’s the power of access.

… being around people that have been where you want to go.

… being able to ask someone a question that would take you years to figure out on your own (they can solve it in seconds).

… outside of my big secret of “the only way to be successful in business is to be in business” … “having access and support” is a close second!

With that said, every single member of my inner circle has unlimited access to me and my team.

Need something answered at 3am, just shoot me a message, I may be up!

Having trouble with an ad campaign? We’ll review it.

Need help with a landing page? Send it over!

… as a member of The Hustlers’ Club you’ll have access to not only the members-only website where all the information, documents, worksheets, videos, and trainings are stored.

… but you’ll have access to our private Facebook group.  

Where you can ask any question needed and we’ll get right back to you.

For reference, I have clients that pay me 5 to 6 figures that don’t get this sort of access.

… I have a deep passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs and this is what I love to do.

How Do I Join The Hustlers' Club?
I know what it’s like to have a burning desire to succeed.

I know what it’s like to have everyone around me think I’m crazy.

I know what it’s like to have so much negativity around me that I begin to question myself as well everyone else.

… this is why I take away all ways for you to have an objection of joining.

… I know that you question everything.

… everything might be “bullshit” … or even better yet … a “scam”.

… people are always after our non-existent “money” when we’re coming up.

I totally get it.

Remember, I’m not a “guru”, a coach, a business expert, or any of that.

I’m a hustler and a real live entrepreneur that loves to launch tiny businesses and I can help you launch yours.

If you decide to come in and give it a try, that’d be great.

But if you don’t, my life won’t change.

So, to take any excuses away, remove any doubt, and put 100% of the risk on my shoulders, I’m going to make you the good ole "offer you can't refuse"...
What Others Are Saying...
Join Now For FREE
Yes, you read that correctly.

That is NOT a typo.

I’ll give you ALL of this information and complete access to myself and my team for FREE!


How can I do this?

Well, there are two reasons:

1. I want you to succeed and believe that this information can help you. Once I help you, you’ll always remember me and possibly buy my stuff, work with me, become a client, or simply give me a high five if we ever see each other.

2. My "not so secret" motive is that I think you’ll love it and that you’ll thrive here. The Free Trial gets you unlimited access for 7 days and if you don’t see the value, you can cancel. If you do see the value, you can become an active member for just $37 per month. It’s my bet that you’ll see the value (what better way for me to prove that I can help you other than actually helping you?)

… and when you stay on board after the 7 day trial I’ll even send you a Welcome gift (it’s called The Hustle Pad and it’s where we write down all of our ideas and strategies!)

… I’m not even going to bore you with all of the other stuff you get as well...

Well, here’s a tiny little sample:

- Kiss those monthly fees goodbye and access our industry leading landing page building software, MogulPages, for free (build your own funnels or sell them to clients)

- Every other week we all get on a video call to discuss high level strategies that we’re using to build our businesses (look forward to seeing you)

- After being trained and mentored by the #1 Facebook ad expert in the world I created a condensed super high level training course that every member gets (you’ll go from newbie to expert in an afternoon)

- The exact document that we send to multi-million dollar prospects in our pay per click management business (steal our angles and positioning and close clients of your own)

- Access every group call we’ve ever done (it’s been said that I should be selling these videos for $497 EACH!!)

- Watch as Jason shows you how he took his personal Instagram account from 0 to 20k in a few months and how he used it to grow a full-time income while attending school full-time

- How to make your first $10,000 flipping products the same way I flipped that Italian ham (full video inside)

- Want to find 10,000+ curated inspirational quotes and automatically add your IG handle to the bottom of it (just like all of the big time accounts do)? Just use our QuoteGenius software and start posting tonight!

Want to know how we’re executing strategies in our ad accounts or our seven-figure client accounts? Just ask!

Now, we’ve come to the fork in the road.

So What's It Going To Be...
Do you want to continue wondering what it would be like to finally launch or start scaling your business?

… continue not doing the things you know you can do.

… continue to look at yourself in the mirror and promise that you'll do it tomorrow.

… continue to not have the time and money to treat your loved ones to the life they deserve.

Or do you want to snatch back the reins of life, jump into the driver's seat, get around people that will uplift and teach you, and shoot your shot - starting tonight!

The choice, as always, is yours to make.

But now, it’s that time.

If you’d like to join The Hustlers’ Club while enrollment is still open, you can join me right now…

You'll Get Instant Access (even if it's 2am)